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Traffcwize has a new pricing schedule which makes it easy for all webmasters large and small to get protected. Below is the new pricing schedule as of October 1, 2003:

Plan Users Fee Features
Basic Upto 300 AU$9.96/wk US$29.95/mth All
Advanced Upto 1000 AU$16.64/wk US$49.95/mth All
Premium Upto 5000 AU$33.35/wk US$99.95/mth All
Unlimited Unlimited AU$56.75/wk US$169.95/mth All

How it works
Click on the button at the bottom of this page to create an instant account right now. You can then immediately protect as many sites with Trafficwize as you want.

What are 'Users'?
Once you have a Trafficwize account, you can protect as many sites as you like under that account, whether that's one or one hundred! There is no fee for protecting extra sites.

'Users' are the number of distinct members which have downloaded content (through trafficwize) per day across all the sites you have in your Trafficwize account. This does not mean how many members your sites actually have, just the number of members which are actively downloading content which is being served by Trafficwize.

Trafficwize will only manage downloads for maximum number of users allowed for your plan. So, if you are on the basic plan, Trafficwize will manage upto the first 300 members downloads, and subsequent members downloads will be unmetered.

As your site grows in size and you have more and more members are logging in per day, you will need to adjust your plan accordingly.

Support and Installations

Our friendly support staff are here to help you with any queries you may have. We have email support which is monitored continually by our trained technicians. All technical support by email is free. All fee paying customers requiring first time installations are free.

As part of the Members area, there is a technical support request form, as well as a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list.


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