Trafficwize - Bandwidth Control and Monitoring

How it Works

Simply signup and create your Trafficwize account, you will be able to add in your websites. For each website, you can configure a 'maximum download rate' per user. This is the total aggregate download speed that is allowable per user, regardless of the number of downloads they have going.


Let's say you set a download limit of 100k/sec per user on your website.

A member logs in and selects a movie to download. Instead of Apache delivering this movie to the user as fast as it can, Apache passes control to Trafficwize, which begins to send a movie to your user, ensuring that it never goes above your limit (100k/sec).

If the user begins a second download at the same time, Trafficwize recognises this and throttles both downloads down to 50k/sec; therefore, ensuring that the aggregate never exceeds 100k/sec.

If a third download is started, then all three downloads will be throttled down to 33.3k/sec, ensuring that the aggregate never exceeds 100k/sec.

If one of the downloads finishes, then the remaining downloads will speed back up to the point where they reach an aggregate speed of 100k.sec

It's that easy!

System Requirements

In order for the trafficwize client to function on your server it must meet each of the following requirements:

  • Must be a unix based server running Apache web server
  • PHP 4.1.0 or higher compiled with support for the sockets extension
  • Apache mod_rewrite support

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