Trafficwize - Bandwidth Control and Monitoring

The one-stop solution for complete download bandwidth allocation

Trafficwize is a product which allows webmasters to configure maximum aggregate download rates for movies on their websites, regardless of how many simultaneous download sessions the member initiates.

Trafficwize goes beyond the basic functionality provided by mod_bandwidth and mod_throttle and has the following features:

  • Maximum Download Rate - Configure a maximum download rate for your movies for all of your sites. Users will never be able to exceed this rate regardless of how many downloads they start
  • Multiple Servers - Trafficwize works across server farms where members sections are distributed or downloadable content is served from a remote server
  • Instant Statistics - View instant statistics on how many movies are being downloaded by members, and how much bandwidth is being used.
  • User Overrides - You can easily configure individual users to have their own speed setting. This could be used (for example) to cap trial users to a certain speed until they become monthly members.
  • Simple Installation - Simply upload a PHP script to your site, add a few lines to your .htaccess file and you're away! No restarting of apache necessary.

"I thought maybe you might want to use the following picture for a testimonial for your website. This is what my bandwidth monitor looked like before and after I installed TrafficWize. Keep up the excellent work!" -- Webmistress,

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